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Meet Kelly

About Kelly
Kelly M. Smith, 41, is author of the  memoir Signs in the Rearview Mirror, scheduled for release by Sunny Day Publishing in 2018. She created and hosts the Let’s Get Wicked Podcast, blogs about relationships on her website www.thoughtsbecomingwords.com and is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.

Smith is a Boston native who moved to the Austin, TX area July 2003. She has two sons in college and a younger son at home.

After ending a marriage where she was  the abuser, Smith entered into another toxic relationship that sent her life spiraling downward. She began examining her childhood and reliving painful experiences that catapulted her into damaging, abusive romantic relationships.

About Signs in the Rearview Mirror,
Smith’s book shares her experiences being raised by a narcissistic parent and becoming both an abuser and the abused in her adult romantic relationships. The memoir is brutally honest about the painful realities of verbal, emotional and physical abuse.

Media Expertise
Kelly can speak on topics including domestic violence in teen dating, narcissism and toxic relationships, women as the abusers, recovering from an abusive relationship, dating again after an abusive relationship, narcissism in both men and women and living as an adult child with a narcissistic parent.

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