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Sometimes, relationships end. Perhaps the couple was just fundamentally incompatible through no individual fault, perhaps one or both members were unwilling to work towards success, or perhaps the relationship was toxic. Regardless of what catalyst spells the end of your relationship, you may want help to leave and recover. My name is Kelly Smith, and I am the relationship coach you need.

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If you’re currently engaged in a toxic relationship, you can feel trapped. Leaving isn’t as easy as simply walking out the door. If you’ve been together for a long time, your lives are likely deeply intertwined. Finances, children, emotional dependency, expectations, and much more can lead to the conclusion that you should just stick it out and wait for improvement. Let me help you leave this relationship.

Once you’ve left a toxic relationship, you may find yourself without a clear direction for your life. Your vision for the future, which previously contained your partner, has been shattered. How will you move forward with your career, your family, and your interests? Maybe you need to completely rediscover yourself. I’d love to help you build a brighter future for yourself after the end of a toxic relationship.

If you were engaged in a long-term or unhealthy relationship, you may not be comfortable enough to reenter the dating scene. Emotional independence is important, but that doesn’t mean you’re wrong to want a healthy, loving relationship. Let me help you gain the confidence and strength you need to date again and to pursue only the best relationships you can.

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As someone who has been both the victim and the abuser in relationships, I’ve had many chances to learn and grow. The experiences were painful, but I’ve emerged stronger than ever, and I use these experiences to help others build the life they deserve.

If you’re ready to move forward with your life, I’m ready to help. As an experienced relationship coach, I provide relationship coaching to people in the Austin, TX, area. Call me at 1-800-370-8759 to learn more.


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Relationship/Dating Help

A couple in need of relationship coaching

Leaving a Toxic Relationship Behind

Whether you are struggling to leave a toxic relationship or trying to get over one, I can help you with the process to a healthy life. 


Dating After A Toxic Relationship

So you have healed from your toxic relationship and you are ready to date, but you have no idea how. Let me guide you back into the dating scene in a healthy way!


Advice for Teen Dating

If, as adults, we have trouble recognizing red flags, what makes us think our kids can manage any better? Teens are going to date, so why not give them useful tools that can take them into adulthood? At times they don't want to tell mom or dad about dating issues. Point them in the direction of someone who can help and not mislead them. 

How I Can Help You

Helping You Leave a Toxic Relationship Behind...

I am Kelly Smith, author of Signs in the Rearview Mirror, Leaving a Toxic Relationship Behind. Years ago I was married and I abused my husband. I was verbally, emotionally, and mentally abusive to the father of my three kids. After leaving my marriage, because I thought I could do better, I got into a relationship too quickly and ended up in an abusive relationship for years. Afraid of being alone, co dependent and controlling, I stayed in an unhealthy relationship destroying myself and most of the relationships I had with friends and family. After being in a love triangle for years, I finally got the strength to let him go and get help. Today, after being in a recovery program for over four years, I am living a happy healthy life that I love very much. Getting out of a toxic relationship is difficult, but letting go and moving on can be even more painful. Let me help you not only get through your loss, but also help you to heal so you can see your worth. Will it be easy? No. Not at all. But will it be worth it? Yes. This is something that will require work, patience, and the ability to look at yourself and see what your roles and responsibilities were in getting into and staying in an unhealthy relationship. It is time to break the cycle and start to heal so you can attract better people in your life.

 I can also help anyone who has either been in a long term relationship or out of a toxic relationship begin to date again, when you are ready. Not sure if you are ready? I can help you with that as well. Please feel free to reach out to me to set up your free 25 minute consultation to see if this may be right for you. 

I look forward to helping you heal. 



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Helping You Leave a Toxic Relationship Behind

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