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From abusive wife to abused fiancé, find out how to heal after a toxic relationship destroys you from the inside out...

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Thoughts Becoming Words began as a typical blog site and morphed into something even I didn't expect. As I left a toxic relationship and began to heal and write, I discovered so much about myself. How did I get into a toxic relationship and why did I stay? Questions so many have. I wrote my book from the point of view from different perspectives. The abuser, the abused and also from the point of view from family and friends who watched me in this toxic relationship. After reading my book, you may have have a better understanding as to why either you or someone you love may be in a toxic relationship and cant find their way out. Join me on my journey of self discovery and healing after a toxic relationship with not only my mom, my ex, but also with myself. 



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What people are saying...Reviews from Amazon and Goodreads.

A must read for those in a questionable relationship by Roxie


Kelly Smith did a wonderful job capturing her engulfing feelings trapped in a relationship she simply could not get out of. This book is important for anyone who is in a relationship that is questioning the toxic validity of it. 

This was a wonderful book, I hope it will help By Debbie

This was a wonderful book, I hope it will help a lot of people who are in toxic relationships. The author is an amazing person, and hopefully people will relate to what she went through, and make a better life for themselves. A great read...

A good read and a great resource By Luis

I love this book! The story is so REAL and honest. I can't get enough.

This book is a must read....By Anna

This book is a must read for anyone who has encountered abusive relationships, alcohol dependency, and life in general. Kelly bared her soul for all. Her honesty just made it so relatable. if this book makes just one person leave who is in an abusive relationship, then her job is done!

Always Be Brave! By Pamela

Kelly did a great job! I had to force myself to put this book down, I wanted to know what happened next! IA m hoping there is a sequel!! Kelly, you are a brave soul who is helping others with your experiences, please keep writing!!!

Dosent get any more honest or straightforward than this!! By labsmgr

There isn't a pity party going on with the author here. Owning her mistakes, has learned from them and is now paying it forward. A must read for anyone who is ready to do what it takes to get well. 

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Kelly Smith~In the Raw~ A Series

Follow my journey of recovering from a toxic relationship with my mom, my ex, and myself. 

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